Lower Body

The Lower Body Blanket can be used for all abdominal and thoracic surgeries.

  • 1 hose connector
  • Integrated tuck in flaps to secure the blanket to the operating theatre table
  • Adhesive tape secures there is no airflow towards the surgical field
  • Designed for abdominal, thoracic surgeries and neck and arm surgeries
  • Blanket for Intraoperative phase

Removing the tape requires careful care. Therefore, remove 
tape from the skin carefully in a movement parallel to the skin (angle of 180 degrees).

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  Premium Plus
Description Premium Lower Body Lower Body Plus
Article number MA3350 MA2250
HIBC Primary Barcode +ET37MA33500 +ET37MA225017
Blanket Size (mm) 1270 x 1020 1270 x 1020
Warming Surface (mm) 900 x 720 900 x 720
Weight (grams) 100 90
Box quantity 40 (4 bags of 10) 40 (4 bags of 10)


Premium Blankets are not for use in MRI.

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