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Online Job Scam

It has come to our attention that an agency in the USA, operating as The Surgical Company Group, is recruiting personnel on our behalf. We, as The Surgical Company Group, do not reach out to potential workforces through Google Hang out or comparable sites.

After interviewing you through Google Hang out, the person offers you a job at The Surgical Company Group followed by the request to send personal information such as a bank account number, home address and phone number.  Also, an employment letter will be send to you to sign.

Mr. Dean Moore and Mrs. Kim Higgins are used identities in this scam. The letter they send will contain an illustration of the logo of The Surgical Company Group, which is fraudulent.

The Surgical Company Group only operates by using professional and specialised companies when we are in search for new employees. We strongly advice you always to verify the legibility of the person or company who is approaching you, by contacting our Human Resource department.

We strongly want to emphasize we have no affiliation with this agency nor these people and cannot take responsibility towards any consequences of this scam for the victims.