Cleaning your warming device | Do's and Don'ts


In response to a recurrent question, an easy-to-implement overview was composed to give caregivers guidelines on how to clean their warming device.*

TIP | The A5 size laminated instruction card can easily be attached to the warming unit with a tie-wrap. Obtain your cleaning instruction card here


 Disconnect the power supply cord before start
 Clean the outer surface by using a soft cloth, lightly dampened with a solution of hand warm water with a mild detergent solution or use:

 isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) based cleaners ≤ 90%
 ethyl alcohol (ethanol) based cleaners ≤ 90%

 Remove excessive detergent or disinfectant with moist cloth
 Let the device air-dry


 Use dripping wet cloths, oxidising cleaners, acid based cleaners, ketones (MEK, acetone, etc.) or abrasive cleaners
 Exceed the concentration specified by the manufacturer
 Use steam sterilisation (autoclave) or dry heat to sterilise the device
 Submerge the warming device in liquid
 Place the warming device upside down, or on its sides
 Let fluids seep into electrical areas of the device

*Note: Above instructions are for reference purposes only, follow manual directions of used warming device.