India | Road show organised by Hansraj Nayyar Medical is started


The road show organised by Hansraj Nayyar Medical is started. During the road show Dr. Weyland from Düsseldorf, Germany will point out several aspects of PTM during various workshops throughout India.

On April 19 Dr. Weyland presented the recent guidelines in Temperature Monitoring during a Thermoregulation Congress in Kapol Niwas, Mumbai.

At the upcoming workshop in Bangalore Dr. Weyland will speak about the physiology of body temperature and Pre-Warming effect on Temperature Management.

Scientific program:

  • Physiology of Body Temperature - Dr. Wolfgang Weyland
  • Perioperative Temperature Management and Prolonged Surgery - Dr. Hemant Mehta
  • Temperature Regulation in Paediactric Surgical Patient - Dr. Vidhya Deshmukh
  • Recent guidelines in temperature monitoring - Dr. Wolfgang Weyland
  • Panel Discussion on Current PTM Situation in India - Moderatior - Dr. Hemant Mehta | Panellist - Dr. Mayur Patel, Dr. Vasundara Atre, Dr. Swati Daftari, Dr. Uday Gande
  • Workshops: Heat Distribution - Dr. Mary Mandapathil, Dr. Deepak Koli, Dr. DiptiDhake
  • Precise Rate of Warming - Dr. Aparna Aundhkar, Dr. Janhavi Shah, Dr. Praveen Shambhu
  • Guidelines with Warming App: Dr. Dhanwanti Rajawade, Dr. Disha Kapadia and Dr. Shrikant Kote

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