Japan | Annual meeting of the Japan Operative Nursing Academy


Business Partner Intermed Japan attended the 30th annual meeting of the Japan Operative Nursing Academy (JONA), where an evening seminar was held on 14 October, organised by IMJ. 
The theme of the seminar:”Confidentiality concerning your current practice of perioperative temperature management.”
Intermed Japan invited Ms. Naomi Koshiyama, Deputy Head Nurse at Sapporo Medical University Hospital, to speak about: 
1) Baseline knowledge of Patient Temperature Management
2) Effective use of Forced Air Warming systems
3) Current practice and ingenuity in Patient Temperature Management
Ms. Koshiyama explained complication of perioperative hypothermia, threshold for thermoregulation, hypothermia caused by re-distribution and importance of pre-warming. The content is comparable to what is written in the PTM booklet published by The 37Company. 
The 37Company is sincerely appreciative towards Intermed Japan for creating a lively discussion around the topic Patient Temperature Management.