The 37Company; Anonymous in Amersfoort, successful in the world


OnderNamen Amersfoort – Magazine
September 2016 - "The 37Company; Anonymous in Amersfoort, successful in the world"
Proudly we present you the interview of Peter de Jong, which was published in the September edition of OnderNamen Amersfoort, a local magazine for SME entrepreneurs in Amersfoort and region.

Brief summary
Peter de Jong speaks with great enthusiasm about the dedicated staff members and the mission of The 37Company. The 37Company started with 4 employees and was active in 6 countries. Now, 10 years later, we work with 40 employees, are active in 55 countries and are still growing. The dedicated Research and Development Engineers and Product Managers keep seeking for solutions to improve patient warming.

Peter de Jong: “Patient Temperature Management still requires a lot of attention worldwide, but also in our own country. Too many hospitals are still not effectively warming their patients, which is so important, as patient warming can prevent infections and has a positive effect on the recovery process. We contribute to patient healthcare and that makes us proud! You notice this everywhere in our office. Our people are very motivated and with this “drive” we continue to do what we do best; focussing on Patient Warming.”

"Anonymous in Amersfoort, successful in the world"



Postscript: Since 15 September, Peter de Jong was encouraged to continue his career in a different position within The Surgical Company Group. The 37Company team continues with his positive trend!