Warning of scam!


It has come to our attention that a fraudster has sent a communication to one of our appreciated business partners, purporting to be originated from us, The 37Company. They pretend we are undergoing an audit and therefore need an overview of open invoices and outstanding payments. Also, they urge us to hold on with any payments to avoid credit error. 

Please note that we, The 37Company, do not reach out to you by email for these kind of requests. 

Such criminal approaches can be made over the telephone, by letter, fax and by email. The request is not necessarily accompanied by any specific request for payment, but if the request is acted on, then the next legitimate payment will be made direct to the fraudster's account. 

The fraud is often sophisticated:

  1. The e-mail address looks similar to ours, but is not. For example:
    Customer Service The 37Company customerservice@the37compamy.com (fraudulent)
    Customer Service The 37Company customerservice@the37company.com (correct)
  2. The fraudsters uses an existing contact name of an existing employee of us on the letter.
  3. The actual letter uses the same logo, letterhead and style as ours.

Please inform your staff with access to financial systems about the above threat. We hope to have provided you with sufficient information. Should you have any questions, please your clinical sales representative.

Be alert: what you can do to prevent becoming a victim of such criminals.

  • Independently validate requests for payment or to amend bank details before acting on instructions.
  • closely scrutinise all requests.
  • contact the supplier or creditor to independently validate requests for payment or to amend bank details. Use our contact details that you already have. 
  • do not amend any payment details until you have confirmation from our side in several ways (verbal and writing).