Cardiac sterile

The Cardiac Blanket Plus sterile is conceived to be used in cardiothoracic and vascular procedures. The pre-attached 1-metre hose allows the placement of the warming unit outside the sterile field.

Caregivers will appreciate the clear access window allowing to vision the femoral artery during a percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty.

  • 1 hose connector
  • 1-metre pre-attached hose for placement of the warming unit outside the sterile field
  • Adhesive tape on tuck-in flaps for optimum fixation of the blanket
  • Surgical access window
  • Adhesive tape secures the surgical access window to the patient
  • Easy & flexible positioning in the sterile field
  • Designed for cardiothoracic and vascular surgeries
  • Blanket for Intraoperative use

- For an overview of steps on how to apply the blanket, click here (please note slideshow will automatically start​)
Removing the tape requires careful care. Therefore, remove tape from the skin carefully in a movement parallel to the skin (angle of 180 degrees)

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Description Cardiac Blanket Plus sterile
Article number MA2286
HIBC Primary Barcode +ET37MA22861G
Blanket Size (mm) 1700 x 1330
Warming Surface (mm) 933 x 840
Weight (grams) 410
Box quantity 10 (1 bag of 10)


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