Half Underbody

The Half Underbody Blanket is perfect to use for abdominal and thoracic procedures, when lower extremities are inaccessible.

  • 2 hose connectors (resealable *) provide a flexible positioning
  • Adhesive tape on the left & right side secures the blanket to the patient 
  • Perforated arms slits allow flexibility in positioning the patient
  • Avoids heat discomfort for surgical staff
  • Full, unrestricted access
  • Designed for abdominal and thoracic surgeries, when lower extremities are inaccessible (cross-clamp, lithotomy)
  • Blanket for Intraoperative phase

- Use Port stickers [article number MA0900] for resealing the air inlet and to enable versatile positioning of the warming unit
- For a correct way of positioning a patient with the Underbody, hereby more tips and tricks

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  Premium Plus
Description Premium Half Underbody Half Underbody Plus
Article number MA3450 MA2450
HIBC Primary Barcode +ET37MA34500 +ET37MA245019
Blanket Size (mm) 1680 x 900 1680 x 900
Warming Surface (mm) 1020 x 840 1020 x 840
Weight (grams) 168 141
Box quantity 40 (4 bags of 10) 40 (4 bags of 10)


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