Half Upper Body

The Half Upper Body Blanket is covering the patient with one arm out and is perfect for use during procedures at the lower parts of the body.

  • 2 connectors (resealable *) positioned left and right provide a flexible positioning
  • U-Shape neck space for optimum patient comfort
  • Attached face shield keeps warm air around and allow observation by the clinician
  • Adhesive tape (easy to remove by finger lift) secures there is no airflow towards the surgical field
  • Perforated strips help you to position the blanket
  • Designed for abdominal, hip, leg, lithotomy surgeries or half-crucifix surgeries (one arm out)

-  Turn the blanket 90 degrees during the preoperative phase for pre-warming 
* Use Port stickers [article number MA0900] for resealing the air inlet and to enable versatile positioning of the warming unit

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  Premium Plus
Description Premium Half Upper Body Upper Body Plus
Article number MA3365 MA2265
HIBC Primary Barcode +ET37MA33650     +ET37MA22651D
Blanket Size (mm) 1600 x 760 1600 x 760
Warming Surface (mm) 1375 x 580 1375 x 580
Weight (grams) 109 98
Box quantity 40 (4 bags of 10) 40 (4 bags of 10)


Premium Blankets are not for use in MRI.

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