Paediatric Underbody

The Paediatric Underbody Blanket warms the smaller patients on the whole area of the operating theatre table. Caregivers will appreciate the multifunctional positioning and the full, unrestricted access of this blanket. 

  • 2 hose connectors (resealable *) provide a flexible positioning
  • Tuck-in flaps for optimum fixation of the blanket
  • Full, unrestricted access
  • Designed for paediatrics over one year of age
  • Multifunctional positioning: can be used as underbody blanket as well as a blanket to cover the paediatric (see tip)

* Use Port stickers [article number MA0900] for resealing the air inlet and to enable versatile positioning of the warming unit
-  Place the underbody blanket on top of the patient for preoperative use. 

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  Premium Plus
Description Premium Paediatric Underbody Paediatric Underbody Plus
Article number MA3475    MA2475
HIBC Primary Barcode +ET37MA34750 +ET37MA24751G
Blanket Size (mm) 1680 x 900 1680 x 900
Warming Surface (mm) 1630 x 840 1630 x 840
Weight (grams) 163 133
Box quantity 40 (4 bags of 10) 40 (4 bags of 10)
Connector (QTY) 2 2


Premium Blankets are not for use in MRI.

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